How to install software

Check this video to follow the steps to use CertTree software.

Installing your software as the following steps:

1. Download the software version we have sent to you, it is a zip file.


2. Extract the zip file, after extracting the zip file, you will get the folder below.

3.  3) Open this folder, you will see three files in it, click Certtree file to open the software, then you can use it. (pls don’t move the files or put it on the taskbar)

4. For special exams, we offer password protection, when you open the software, you will see the form below, just copy the Series number and send it to us, we will generate a Registration code for you, then you can use the software.


5. CertTree offers two modes in software, Examination Mode and Practice Mode, you can check right answer at any time in practice mode.

If you have any further questions, pls feel free to contact us through our email [email protected] or our live support.